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MAN 10-264 4x4 Expedition Vehicle for sale

[ Pinche aquí para ver este artículo en Español ] In normal circumstances, the sale of an expedition truck should not be surprising, but in this case its uniqueness, its history and its magnificent equipment, make for an interesting read even for those who do not want to buy it. The owner, Carme reveals some interesting information for anyone who is thinking of building something similar.
MAN 10-264 Expedition Vehicle – year 1997 – 160,000 effective kms. Fully homologated..   I can accept another vehicle as part payment.

Let's hear the story from Carme herself:
"My first trip to the Sahara was in the summer of 2004. I was looking for some adventure, unspoiled landscapes and different cultures. The trip greatly exceeded our expectations. Since then we have been back every year. At first we travelled in a motorhome (we have had three different ones) until our passion for the desert led us to look for an expedition truck.
There are no 4x4 trucks in Spain. To find one the only two options were:
1) To build it ourselves on a registered chassis. The problem is not just converting it, it needs homologating. At the time, we studied this option and rejected it.

2) To import a truck.
This second option has its limitations. By law, a truck cannot be imported if its license plate is prior to 1 January 1999. It must have a Euro-3, Euro-4 or later engine, ie an electronic engine. In the desert, everything electronic gets damaged and can turn an adventure into a nightmare.
Furthermore, if, through some special process, we should manage to import a vehicle with plates prior to this date, all "polluting" vehicles since January 1, 2008 must pay a special tax—in this case that of a camper-truck, i.e. 14.75%.
We wanted a Euro-2 engine, because a non-electronic engine was precisely an asset. But where could we find a truck in good condition and how would we go about importing it?
We started by visiting all the second-hand markets. There was a lot of junk, old military trucks with very high fuel consumptions, that are like a can on hard ground and as slow as a snail on the road.
We decided to go to Germany, where land of the most intrepid explorers. We visited the Dusseldorf Show twice. We went to see chassis manufacturers and asked several body makers for budgets to build our own truck. After studying several possibilities, we knew we wanted a MAN truck. We finally found a truck with a Euro-2 engine in the city of Gotha, in the state of Thüringen (in the former East Germany, near the Russian border). It had been on a couple of trips to Mongolia. It was love at first sight.
It was a beautiful truck, designed by a passionate traveller, very personal with all kinds of accessories and details. The interior was extremely spacious and well designed. Its owner was building himself a new 3-axis vehicle. He was a very orderly and methodical man and had kept all the information, all the papers of every component. We returned to Spain to take care of the import procedure. It was not easy to get everything approved (truck, winch cabin, rear platform, etc.). But we passed the test and on our next trip to Germany in December 2007, we came home with the truck.
Since then, in the last three years, we have been back to Africa, explored different tracks between Morocco and Algeria and crossed Mauritania. We went to Nouadibou, where we visited the Cap Blanc National Park; we followed the route along the beach (70 km) from Nouamghar to Tioullit in the Parc National du Banc d'Arguin, visited the oasis of Terjit, Amogjar Canyon, the mythical cities of the caravan routes of Chinguetti and Ouadane, crossed the crater Guelb Er Richart and arrived in Beyyet...
We are also fond of the mountains and take advantage of every bank holiday to "get lost" in the Pyrenees –from the Mediterranean to the Bay of Biscay— or in the Picos de Europa.
Travelling by truck allows you to leave the road behind and follow tracks or when there are no tracks you can even go where nobody else can. Suddenly the idea of travelling acquires a whole new meaning; you are no longer dependant on where you're going to spend the night to define the routes and timetable, no matter if the waypoint is far away. When the landscape appeals or if Bedouins invite you to tea, that's your waypoint for the night. You are totally self-sufficient and can enjoy complete freedom. With a truck, adventure and safety go hand in hand. So you can make your own path without other limits than the ones you choose.
After finding out what the desert is about, you fall for it and only think of going back time and again. Nothing can be as it was before, because you start asking yourself questions and no longer accept the old answers. That was how we mixed adventure with humanitarian operations. Five years ago we started an NGO for development projects in Saharan and sub-Saharan countries, always acting through local partners with whom we collaborate for specific actions and campaigns.
In the Western Sahara, we have collaborated in various projects with the orphanage for abandoned children in the city of Laayoune. Our first project was to help set up a clinic in one of the poorest Saharan neighbourhoods in the city of Laayoune. Our second project was to equip the clinic with a modern ultrasound machine. Our third project was an oven to make bread every day for the children of the orphanage. We have also worked with the hospital of the Fraternity of Chinguetti in Mauritania. We have good friends in the desert and all we think about is going back.

Truck Description.
  • Dimension: 6.80 mts and 8 mts overall maximum length with the platform/garage
  • Total height 3.80. Width 2.40.
  • Weight 10 tonnes
  • Wheelbase 3.650 (balanced)
  • Number of places: 2 in cab, 5 for sleeping, 6-7 in dining area
  • Km 160,000 effective.
  • MOT & Servicing up to date
  • Year of manufacture: 1997
  • 260 Cv - 10 TM MAN 10-264 model
  • Diesel: 2 tanks, 550 liters
  • Fuel consumption: 20-23 liters
  • Cab: cabin and a half with bunk, leather seats with suspension and seat heating
  • Gearbox: 6-speed + reducers + 4x4 + front and rear transmission lock, usually only rear-wheel drive
  • Air conditioning in cab. Also one of the few trucks that with air conditioning in the living cabin area.
  • Auxiliary diesel heater for cab.
  • ABS Brakes
  • Tempomat
  • Radio in cab + radio in living area (separate)
  • Radio transmitter
  • Long distance lights on the top of the truck (on the luggage rack)
  • Wheels: 3 NEW spare wheels, 385/65R 22.5 model, with special Michelin rims. The four wheels on the truck are in very good condition. It is single-axis.
  • Rollbar to carry two spare wheels and two electric winch to lower/raise the wheels, with space for the four sand plates
  • Roof rack with chest and two sun panels


Living cabin area
  • 2 mts interior height.
  • A central dinette for 6-7 people.
  • Beds with box spring and special foam mattresses.
  • Bottom bed: 65 cm high with a chest underneath. 130 cm wide at the head, somewhat narrower at the feet. 2.30 mts long. There are two windows, one over the headboard and another at the foot of the bed. 65 cm between the bottom and top bunk.
  • The top bunk is 90 cm wide by 2.30 long, and as it is somewhat narrower it allows to use the bottom bed to climb up.
  • It also has two windows and an awning.
  • The shower is separated from the rest of the bathroom by a partition wall that is 2 mts high.
  • The kitchenette has a ceramic gas hob, a large 22V fridge and a 12V microwave, a vegetable rack, many cabinets adapted to the uneven ground conditions
  • More than 20 interior clothes closets
  • Halogen lights throughout the cabin
  • TV w/DVD
  • Alarm
  • Water heating, under the floor, plus gas/electric hot water heater. A second hot air gas heater that heats up very quickly.
  • 400-liter (clean) water tank
  • 100-liter wastewater tank
  • 80-liter Toilet tank
  • Emptying of sewage and wastewater by electric valves located in the cabin.
  • 200-liter LPG Gas tank (Heating and cooking, ceramic stove)
  • Batteries: two groups, 800 AH
  • Electrical system: high voltage alternator to charge the batteries quickly. There are three 50 W battery chargers: one for the truck battery, a second for a group of four batteries and a third for a group of 6 batteries. They fast chargers. 220V external connector.
  • 2000 W transformer to use a PC, TV etc.
  • Dashboard with water level control, batteries, etc.
  • Outdoor Awning
  • Exhaust pipe and air filter with top outlet
  • 7500 Kg electric front winch w/cover.
  • The platform / garage is really practical, electric and can be lowered to the ground. It may be uncovered or covered with canvas, all custom made. This platform is homologated.
  • Tow lead.
  • There is a safety door separating the cab from the cabin. It is very wide.
  • The outside ladder is electric.
  • Safety anti-theft device on the door of the cabin. On the cab doors, there is a second lock. All the cabinets have locks and all the chests have a light.
  • One of the cabinets has a 200V plug and a gas outlet for barbecues.
As you can see, a very interesting expedition truck is on sale  (far less than its real price), with the name change included in the price. For queries or information please contact me at or email me using the contact form. You can print the whole article and also for those who are interested, we can send a PDF with the pictures and all the documentation.